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Conference Social Programme

The Conference Social Programme of AGA-IAMU 2018 coincides with the Welcome dinner at the Barcelona School of Nautical Studies of Polytechnic University of Catalonia, the Conference Dinner at the Maritim Museum, the Gala dinner at Casa Lotja de Mar.

Tuesday October 16, 19:00, Nautical Faculty of Barcelona FNB
Pre- Registration, Castellers show and Welcome dinner

Registration to the 19 AGA IAMU will start at 18.00 at the Nautical Faculty of Barcelona FNB, followed by the human towers show at 19.00, the Castellers that are part of the very foundation of Catalan society, drawing on a tradition going back three centuries. After that, a welcome dinner will be served. The dinner is planned to start at 20:00


Wednesday October 17, 21:00 , Barcelona Maritime Museum.
The Conference dinner

The Conference dinner on Wednesday, October 17, will be held in the beautiful vaulted Sala Marques De Comillas at the Barcelona Maritime Museum. The Museu Marítim  is certainly one of the most interesting sights in Barcelona. In line with the theme, the museum is housed in the former shipyards of Drassane. The museum is located on the southern edge of the old town and at the end of the Rambla, and has an extensive collection of ships and boats and a large exhibition on the construction of medieval sailing ships. Before the dinner, delegates can visit the museum (free of charge, the conference badge will be required). We suggest arriving at 19:30 if you are interested in this visit.

Friday October 19, 20:30, Casa Llotja de Mar
AGA IAMU 2018 - The Gala dinner

The Gala dinner will take place at the Casa Llotja de Mar, in the Saló de Contractacions (Contracts Hall). The Saló de Contractacions is the most distinguished architectural piece of Casa Llotja de Mar, and has been conserved since the medieval period. It is a large hall of 14m-high ceilings, with four columns and six arches that sustain the wooden beams of the upper floor. The scallop shells on the arches alternate with the shields of the king and the city of Barcelona, as it was King Peter III and the Consell de Cent government institution who promoted the building’s construction. This hall has been witness to the first opera held in Barcelona, the Jocs Florals historically related poetry contests and other cultural events. Casa Llotja de Mar is located on the sea front in the historical center of Barcelona and one of the most significant and splendid monuments representing the economy and culture of the city. It was built in the second-half of the 14th century, the most brilliant period of Catalan Gothic

Welcome dinner, Conference dinner and Gala dinner tickets are included in the Delegates fee. Tickets will be required. Accompanying persons interested can join these three social events by paying a fee of 250€ or 120€ for each dinner. Welcome dinner cannot be bought separately.

Please contact the secretariat to purchase your ticket.

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